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Point of Sale

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Point of sale interface for selling tickets, retail items, subscriptions, and more at a theater's box office.

Role: UI/UX Designer


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The bread and butter for any ticketing software company rests in the product's ability to sell tickets. Over the years, a number of new features had been requested by our users. In order for these new features to be addressed we would need to investigate an entirely redesigned Point of Sale screen.

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Research & Planning

System statistics helped us gain clarity on how our users engaged with the Point of Sale screen.     


Sales by Transaction Type

Most ticket sales are sold attached to a patron record ('Box Office' transaction type). A large chunk of tickets are also sold unattached to any patron record ('Door Sale' transaction type).

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Person Type Quantity

Most of our users have 4 or less person types for any given event in the system

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Items Sold

while we offer a number of different items for our users to sell, tickets are sold significantly more than any other item. 



In addition to this data, conversations with our users provided insight into pain points with the current Point of Sale screen. This user-guided approach helped to focus on real problems during the planning phase:

  • Unified Point of Sale: Users wanted a point of sale screen that offered all item types, instead of having separate pages for tickets, retail, donations, etc.

  • Door Sales: Users also wanted a quick way to sell tickets with less clicks, without needing to switch to a door-sale-specific interface

  • Payment Options: Users wanted a way to split payments for an order, as well as include a way to schedule payments in installments

  • Responsiveness: Considering 60% of our users log in on a mobile or tablet device, it was necessary to make the pages mobile responsive

  • Clean and easy: There was expressed frustration at the layout, order of events, and overall difficulty in learning how to use the screens

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UX Strategy Blueprint


  • Most organizations using our system rely on older volunteers with less technical abilities. In an already feature-rich environment, it was important to keep the design easy.

  • It was crucial that we remove clutter and keep necessary information available at-a-glance.


  • Create a design that allows users to sell tickets quickly, with less clicks/taps

  • Add new payment features features in addition to the redesign of existing features

Guiding Principles:

  • Mobile friendly design was imperative

  • Build user flows to pinpoint a common order of operation for sales (1. select item, 2. Choose patron, etc.)

Success Metrics:

  • High user satisfaction found through interviews and user research

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I created rough wireframe sketches as an early way to organize ideas around component placement: 

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 3.39.35 PM.png


Hi-fi mockups were built in order to test theories and challenge assumptions through a series of user testing sessions. 

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Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 3.39.35 PM.png

Final Design

Box Office - Shadow.png
Box Office - Show Drop Down - Shadow.png
Box Office - Performances - Shadow.png
Box Office - Tickets - Shadow.png
Box Office - Patron Search - Shadow.png
Box Office - Patron Selected - Shadow.png
Box Office - Door Sale - Shadow.png
Box Office - Pricing - Shadow.png
Box Office - Checkout Options - Shadow.png

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